Shrink Our Bills

Putting you in control of your bills

The days are shorter, the lights are on.  The heating is needed and – if you are at home – your washing is not on the line in the garden but in the tumbler drier.  The freezer gets extras ready for the festive season and salads are abandoned in favour of hotpots, roasts and jacket potatoes.   You know January is a five week month with big bills at the end, followed by February a short, four week month when you hardly catch up with finances, but it can be one of the coldest months sometimes with snow dsrupting work and travel.    So are you all sorted?   Do you know how much electricity and/or gas you use? Are your bills a bit scary?   What can you do?   To start with – talk to us.   We are not scary, but we are honest and help you sort out a plan so you can relax and manage your bills in a better way.



So you are thinking about switching providers for telephony or energy, but not sure how to proceed?  You might have had a bad experience before and do not want the hassle – but what if you have someone alongside making it simple while you go through the switching process?


What is the difference between the Big Six Energy suppliers?  Is it service, price, contracts or billing?   Do you know that the smaller companies are exempt from paying all the charges that the Government set?  What will happen when they grow big enough to have to contribute the same as the Big Six?  Will they survive and will they put their prices up?


Are you moving office premises or moving house soon and want your broadband up and running as quickly as possible?   As a business do you want to keep your telephone number?  It is possible in certain circumstances.

For domestic customers we offer a free broadband report based on your house number and post code to offer to potential buyers of your existing home and also to find out more about your new home before you commit.


Perhaps you bought a smart mobile over a year ago, but you are still paying for the phone along with your mobile tariff?    Do you have problems with your mobile signal at work,  home or out and about?   You can change to another mobile company and keep your mobile number. We will assist you to do this with the minimum cost.

So give us a call and find out what alternatives there are that suit you.  We will ask a few questions,.   The size of your business in terms of employees and whether, if you are moving, your new premises have BT sockets in place.   Is the heating electric and is it adequate for your purposes?  What hours is your business open and staffed?

At home, do you watch TV over the internet?   What devices (laptop/tablet/mobile) do you use? Are you making lots of calls, or sending texts, or are you using data to access Apps. What is most important to you?   Is it only price, or do you also care about customer service?  Is it vital that your broadband is up and running quickly, at the fastest speed possible?  Do you really need to change your mobile handset – again – this year? Do you make calls overseas?  Do you have both gas and electricity, or are you using oil for your heating?

Ten tips for saving money on your bills at home

Electricity and Gas

  1. Give a meter reading to your supplier at the end of every month (if you have a smart meter, check that your bill actually reflects this)
  2. Check your bill to see if what you are paying is adequate for what you are using – to prevent a big bill or an increase in your payments
  3. If you have Economy 7 make good use of the cheap rate for 7 hours at night (usually up to 7am GMT)
  4. If you have a new gas boiler and use gas to heat your water in the summer, you might not need Economy 7 electricity – to check, your night units should be at least one third of your usage
  5. If you have solar panels, use your electricity during daylight hours
  6. Use LED lights


  1. Is your broadband router in a good place with minimum interference? Don’t leave it on the floor, keep it ventilated, if possible close to an outside wall/windowsill.
  2. Do you need a second line? Consider a VOIP package and keep the number that you advertise free for incoming calls.
  3. If your mobile is more than 13 months old you might be able to wipe out the remaining amount due for the handset and go back to just paying for the SIM – ask us how.
  4. If you don’t need unlimited minutes on your mobile you can take a cheaper mobile tariff – what do you actually use each month? Taking advantage of WiFi whenever possible means you can use APPS for keeping in touch. Minimise background data usage and make sure your APPs update on WiFi only, not on mobile data.

You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing   things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.