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The Price Cap, set by the Government,  increased in April for all standard tariff energy bills – what can  you do?

Get in touch with us to help you manage your bills.  Consider if you want to take out a contract with fixed prices, talk  to your supplier and ask what they can offer you.

Broadband Providers are putting up their prices.    If you are not in a fixed price contract you will have a very short window of opportunity to cancel your contract.  Check  your details sooner rather than later.   What can you do?  First think about what you need  and then consider that all the providers apart from Virgin use Open  Reach for a fixed line broadband.   They will all  have similar  prices, unless there is a deal.   Could  you move to mobile broadband instead with unlimited  data?

Why you could be entitled to faster broadband than you realise
While the UK is often criticised for its slow broadband speeds, millions of households could be entitled to better quality connections that may not be more expensive than their current contracts.

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