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Shops are in line for Small Business Grants if their rateable value is Less than £15,000 PA. Up to £10,000 Grant Tax free.

Support for Businesses

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You can contact the government’s Business Support Helpline (England) for free advice. Telephone: 0300 456 3565, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Financial Support Packages

The Council advises you to regularly check the GOV.UK’s financial support for businesses page for the full list of Government support.

You can now use this business support finder to see what support is available for your business.




How does the price of oil react to the outbreak of a virus?

There has been a dramatic change in pricing as the demand worldwide has dropped.  After the hiccup earlier this week the price is less likely to drop any lower for the end user.     If anyone is coming to the end of a contract, this is the ideal time now to start negotiations for the next contract and fix prices.  If you are in premises that have a lease, your contract can be set to match the lease so that you can lock in good prices for longer.


As soon as it seems consistent that one person infects one or less than one other person, then the restrictions can be lifted in a very gradual fashion.

What will your business look like when you return to your usual work?    Will you have lost employees, will you consider different ways of working, have you been encouraging them to undertake training while away?

Hints are coming out about the taxes we might have to pay next year. Businesses will have taken loans where they need to and banks will have given overdrafts, so how do we bring the economy back?   Do we offer reasonable salaries to people so that they are in a position to buy what they need and lift the economy?  Does the Government consider that nationalising the railways is something that should continue?   What about the intelligent, brilliant creators who pooled resources from several companies and several countries that have worked so fast to bring to the market new products much needed by the NHS?   As soon as medication is available to alleviate symptoms safely and later next year vaccination or inoculation is offered, we will be able to feel a little safer in facing any resurgence of this virus next winter.   The fact remains that every year the flu virus claims lives.