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Price increases on the way for Virgin customers.   Whenever a price increase happens you have the opportunity to make changes as you will be given two weeks’ notice to cancel your contract and move to a different supplier.  Will it save you money on your bills?  Ask me for a free review.

What Three Words

This APP enables you to pin point with some accuracy an address.  The grid of the UK is divided up into small squares that give three random words.   It has been used by the coastguard when someone has been cut off from shore by fast moving tides up river.   If you have a mobile then please take the time to download this APP before you venture out into the countryside.   For all delivery drivers I am sure that this could be added to customer information to assist them and speed up their work.

Empty Premises?

Someone will be responsible for paying the daily standing charge, regardless of whether the building is empty or not.  If there is no tenant, the owner is liable.  If there is a void period without tenants occupying the building, look for a product that has no standing charge, just a unit cost for your electricity or gas.  As we approach the winter months, it is better to keep background heating on at a low setting to prevent issues with frost damage to pipes, burst pipes and it will also make the place more welcoming for viewing by prospective new occupants.

Christmas Lights and Wifi Issues

Is your broadband or wifi in the home not quite as good since you put up your Christmas lights on the tree or outside the house? I am reliably informed that:-
“Regarding LED lighting, any product that uses a small switch-mode power supply will potentially generate radio frequency interference. Specifically, the very low cost PSU’s will often omit filtering components that were included at design (for product testing) and produce very wideband radio noise that can completely swamp legal equipment. A good test is to use an older FM radio tuned off-station and compare the hiss, with and without the LED lights on, bearing in mind this is only part of the radio spectrum…
Fitting small ferrite chokes to the cables can sometimes improve the situation. Until Ofcom takes this RFI more seriously, the problem will only get worse.”
So if you are having difficulties, just switch off your lights for a short while and then, when you having finished needing the internet, you can put them back on again.

Yorkshire Energy (also T/A Daisy Energy) has ceased to trade.

They have around 74,000 domestic and non domestic customers for whom another supplier will have to be appointed. During this time you have an opportunity not to accept the takeover but make your own choices.  Please make contact whether you are a business or domestic customer.

Yorkshire Water Testing Sewage for Covid-19

The results will help researchers understand the presence of COVID-19 in the population, including those who are asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic The post Yorkshire Water testing sewage to identify potential new outbreaks of COVID-19 appeared first on Energy Live News.

Priyanka Shrestha

Using Windows 10 on your computer or laptop?

If you are still running Windows 10 version 2004, there is an issue if you want to reset your PC to a previous date. This is found in the Recovery section of Settings.

You will find yourself unable to return to factory settings and get a problem message.  Microsoft has come up with a temporary solution.

  1. Click Start type Command Prompt or cmd in the Search box and right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.  You may be prompted for your password.
  2. Type the following:-    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  3. Press Enter
  4. Reboot your system
  5. Retry the Reset Your PC option again.

Thanks to PC Magazine for this information.

Energy price caps limit how much suppliers can charge domestic customers per unit of gas or electricity. They are based on how much it really costs, on average, to get energy to your home. They will ensure you pay a fairer price for your energy and are protected from being overcharged by energy suppliers.   Take a look at for more information.    There is a useful link if you do not know who your supplier is for both electricity and gas.

Business can blend and extend their contracts.

This means that say a business has a 24 month contract.  It could have built in a break clause should the market price drop.  The mid term review would result in new prices negotiated and then in return an extension to the existing contract is accepted by the business.

Water Audits

It is worth auditing your water usage as business water is deregulated.

Is your business address correct on your bill?

This basic bit of information is very important.  Is yours correct for all your premises?

What if your address is not correct on your bill?  It is best to do something about it now, as when you want to change services, this can be a huge problem.  If your telephone number or meter details don’t match the address that is on the database then your request to switch to another provider might be refused.