Business Customers Benefits of a Broker



Using a Broker:- Why use a broker?

  •  When the UK energy Industry was deregulated in 1997 new companies emerged.  It is not always easy to make comparisons between tariffs.
  • There are many UK Energy Suppliers – some are new and have not yet built up capital reserves.  Some trade under different names, but are owned by the same company.  Recently the new companies that did not have sufficient capital have gone out of business and Ofgem are reallocating their customers to other suppliers.  By the end of the year it is  predicted that the number of suppliers will have shrunk considerably.
  • In order to offset some of the recent price hikes for energy supply, it is important to know that other costs are accurate.   When did you last review your water bills?  it is deregulated for business and you might be able to save.   What about kVAs?   Have you reviewed your commitment and is it still right for your business?  Especially if you recently moved premises, you may have inherited a previous kVA allowance that will be costing you more than it should.
  • Full Power Utilities are one of only 40 in the UK classified and audited as Premier Brokers and there are over 750 energy brokers.  For business customers, we are Introducers giving you access  to your own personal premier broker who  will manage everything, but keep you advised of progress and you will make the final decision where to renew  your contracts.
  • You should expect honesty and integrity.

How can you save me money on my energy costs?

  • Using only a Premier Broker to manage your account enables the best contract to be  negotiated from the energy companies for our clients.
  • Your contract is negotiated by the direct supply arrangements that exist between the premier broker with all the electricity and gas suppliers.
  • You are offered a choice of a short contract or one for two or three years and this might make a difference if you plan to move leased premises.

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If there’s no fee, how do you get paid?

  • The energy supplier/s pays us a fee in return for the business we bring them.
  • All you ever pay is your actual energy used.
  • Your invoices and payments are between you and the supplier.
  • It costs you, the client, nothing to benefit from our experience and expertise.
  • Working with us is simple, transparent and easy.

What sort of clients have you helped?

  • We’ve helped a large number of clients, both businesses that are sole traders and those with employees.  We recognise that they all have a home to go to and help both the management and their employees too with their domestic bills.
  • We build a good relationship with our clients so that we are aware when renewal dates are due.
  • We have a high client renewal rate.
  • Testimonials are available.

We use WordPress for this website and are fully compliant with how we manage your data.  It is permission based and you can decide if you want to maintain a business relationship with us as your consultant while you are considering or using our services.  You can opt out of marketing campaigns at any time. Registered with ICO, a full audit of data handling has taken place.  Apart from requirements from HMRC, your data is deleted one year after you cease being a customer.  Your details are not shared by us with third parties.

Price v. Service

What do you do when a product you want has the same price from several different places?    The deciding factor will be service.
So, with broadband, apart from Virgin, all suppliers use Open Reach (BT) telephone lines. They have their software installed at the exchange and the broadband comes to your door.
It’s the same product.
What happens within your own home can have an affect on what you receive in terms of reliability and speed, but otherwise the only difference is service and the value you think you are getting for your broadband.
Is your company providing good service? Do you see your bills and know what you are paying for? Are there any added extras in your charges that you do not need? Do you have someone local to help you? Would you like to talk to someone as opposed to emails that get ignored?

Personal Service

Then here is what we do:- personal service, taking ownership of your issues or problems and support, as much or as little as you need, to make sure that your services are working as well as they can in your area and your premises.
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