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Mobile Roaming Charges

After all the promises earlier in the year, we now see the mobile providers bringing back roaming charges for customers who venture abroad.  “Roam Like Home” has been enjoyed since 2017, but each mobile provider is now introducing charges that vary from one to another.

There are only four major networks –  EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone.   So if your mobile is with another company for paying your bill, they are still using one of these networks.  With different start dates and changes affecting new customers or upgrading customers, the new rules may take some time to filter down to all providers.

Three has said it will reduce its “fair usage” data allowances for Go Roam from 20GB to 12GB per month
EE will introduce a flat fee of £2 a day – 47 European destinations are affected and

EE has offered a 30 day Roam Abroad Pass

O2  will have a  limit of 25Gb and charge £3.50 for every gigabyte used over that limit

Vodafone have yet to confirm how they will approach the removal of EU law that kept roaming costs down for UK visitors.

Please make sure all your APPs are set to upgrade on Wifi and not on mobile data.   All your APPS constantly check for updates and if these contain videos, photos and other media rich content then you will eat into your mobile allowance.

Although you get a text to confirm costs when you arrive in a country, it is worth noting that data usage seems to be the one thing that is under review.    Wherever Wifi or free internet is available, use it, but if this means you are on a public network, your security needs to be considered so it is preferable not to be spending much time doing anything sensitive such as checking bank accounts.

Some countries offer local SIM cards.  To benefit from this, make sure your phone is unlocked from your network before you leave the UK.

Outside of Europe, charges have applied worldwide and visiting America is one country where there are added problems as the infrastructure is different.   Round a town there is a reasonable mobile signal but away from built up areas there may be no signal.   Quad band phones are needed or even going back to CB radio is more reliable as a radio system allowing short distance person to person bidirectional voice communication.


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