SHRINK OUR BILLS (Business and Domestic Customers)


It is an exciting time to be working in the energy industry.   As energy companies wake up to the fact that electric cars and hybrid cars are on the increase, the next issue arises as to how car owners will charge their cars quickly, effective, at home, at work, or mid-journey.   So electricity is an essential part of our daily life.

If you are a business owner, you can benefit from being an Introducer – helping people to make the right choice for their lifestyle – by pointing them in the right direction.

If you have employees, offering them a perk of a free review of their bills at home will make them feel valued, assist them to shrink their bills and take away anxiety as you put them in control of their bills and how much they should be.

If you are self employed, working from home, or an employee who has not seen a good payrise for a while, then you too should be talking to us.

It’s up to you.  You control your bills.  Want to know more?   Talk to us.







Are you one of those people that takes the unlimited offer to play safe?    How much are you actually using?  What about your children if you are paying the bill?  Are they using their mobiles wisely?   Do you know that you can set your APPs to update only when you are connected to wifi?  You do not have to use mobile data all the time.   Do you know how important it is to keep the APPs updated?  Do you backup your phone?   If you want to have answers that might help you decide how to shrink your bills – talk to us.

You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing   things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.