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If you are not in a fixed  price contract you have opportunities to change your energy or broadband supplier – especially when they put their prices up.   With a short window of usually two weeks you can move to an alternative or re-negotiate with your existing supplier.  The worst thing is to do nothing.  People on the standard domestic tariff for their home energy are actually subsidising the  offers made to attract new customers.

Yet another energy company crashes – just what you don’t want to hear while it’s still a bit chilly:-

Green Network Energy and Simplicity Energy have both folded, leaving more than 400,000 customers in the lurch.   They are the two latest suppliers to buckle in the current climate. When  a company starts business by offering special deals to attract customers, they often prove unsustainable.

Are you a customer of:-

Green Network Energy

Simplicity Energy

Yorkshire Energy

Robinhood Energy ?

Customers of these companies are now being moved to alternative companies.  Would  you  prefer to have some free advice so you can  choose a more reliable supplier?   If so, contact me about what is right for you.

How does your smart meter work?

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