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  1. Update – It is time to start thinking about a contract to fix your prices for the next year.    If your current supplier is offering something that is acceptable, bearing in mind the likely increases, then be aware of the larger exit fees.  Remember it fixes the prices, but not your monthly usage, so paying on a budget plan where the same amount goes out of your account each month might not be sufficient over the months ahead.  If you can cut back on what you use, you can reduce your monthly direct debit.
  1. What to do now

Check your tariff – standing charge and unit rate – is it right for your household’s needs?  Are you paying too much in your monthly direct debit?

  1. Insulate your home whether you own or rent. Rope caulk round windows where there are droughts. Foam insulating tape where appropriate.
  2. Ask your supplier if they have a demand response programme. If you can be flexible about when you use various devices in the home you might be able to get your energy cheaper.

  1. Future Trends – come off the gas, but don’t rely on just one thing.



IT DOES NOT ALWAYS PAY TO STAY What is right for you?

Do you spend a lot  of time at home or do you travel to work?

Have you got a family that means the washing machine is on a lot or are you living on your own?

Do you want to support companies that offer green and renewable energy?

Do you need a paper bill?

Are  you paying by direct debit or do you have a prepayment meter?

The comparison sites on line are paid a commission for  their recommendations.  They are a place to start, but not  all companies use the sites and you might prefer to talk to someone.   That is what we are here for – personal service.

How does your smart meter work?

You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing  things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.

For your free offer of our guide:-  Ten Tips to Save on Energy Bills     please email:-  support@shrinkourbills.co.uk