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Warm Home Discount is a fixed sum of £140 which is deducted from your energy bill by your supplier. There are certain steps to take:-
1. Is your supplier part of the scheme?
2. Are you eligible for this payment?
3. You need to have a low income  (below £16,000) and be in receipt of one of the benefits that are listed on the Government website.
4.. If you qualify, you need to apply to your supplier as soon as possible to be in time for the payment this year. It will probably be deducted from your bill at the end of March 2022.
We are all being asked to“give up the gas”.  
It’s not what you pay each month on a budget plan, but what you use that matters.  Are you in credit or debit right now?  If your budget plan is not sufficient for what you use, then you will slip behind and find it difficult to catch up and to face a price increase.
Hints  &  Tips for  domestic customers
The budget plan is always an estimate, so keep a copy of a recent bill – especially if you have built up a credit for the winter heating.
If your boiler is not heating your water or radiators adequately, if it is making noises or switches itself off, please get it serviced as it will cost you more to run your heating with an inefficient boiler.
If you have to empty a tray of water from your tumbler drier, where do you put the water? In the summer on the plants maybe, but in the winter you could put it back into your washing machine, especially if it is still tepid!
If you are out and about in your car, you can charge your phone while you are driving.    In the house, if you leave any plugs in the sockets and they are warm, switch them off or take them out when not in use.
We are here to help – support@shrinkourbills.co.uk
We are also being told that companies are planting trees and helping to reduce plastic waste in various ways.
When energy companies say they are “green” or carbon zero, what does this mean?
A green tariff is offered by a company that offsets its carbon footprint and also invests in green projects. But the electricity from the grid and the gas supplied to your house is no different from your neighbour. In East Anglia for example, regardless of which company sends you a bill, the electricity supply is maintained by UK Power Networks.
What is the fuel mix? For example:-
Utility Warehouse Discount Club state their fuel mix disclosure as Electricity supplied which has been sourced from the following fuels (% of total)
Coal 6.3%
Gas 72%
Nuclear 8.2%
Renewable 8.3%
Other 5.2%
Total 100%
Environmental impact
CO2 emissions (weighted average) 377g per kWH
Radioactive waste 0.0006g per kWH

My energy company has ceased trading – Is this you?

The news has been full of the energy companies going out of business.   If you are not with the “Big Six” then please make sure you have a copy of a recent bill, especially if it shows you have a credit.  When these companies go out of business, their website closes quickly.

You need to wait for Ofgem to move you to  a new company. Then you can negotiate with that company for your new rates, but there are no cheap deals around now.     As the energy companies face two problems – the increase in gas prices and the debt caused by the companies that have gone out of business – they are not in a position to offer special rates.     There is a very good chance that the prices will go up again on 1st April as well as the 1st October increase.

Do you have some information about your current tariff?   Because if you are you in contract with exit fees to pay then there is no concern over the price rises in October and it is better to stay where you are than pay on average £25 for each electricity and gas to leave.

Don’t agree to a contract over the phone – you may not have heard all the information you need to know and there may be hidden costs.

A verbal contract made over the phone is considered the same as physically signing a contract.   However you can ask for a transcript of your call if you have any issues about what the company say was agreed.


Ofgem sets the energy price cap twice a year.   The current cap rate of £1,309  is for prepayment  meters. This £153 increase  came into effect on 1st October 2021.  For those with credit meters the average increase is £139 from £1138 to £1277 per annum.  Some may use more than this.

bills to pay

If you are not in a fixed price contract you have opportunities to change your energy supplier – especially when they put their prices up.   You can move to an alternative company or re-negotiate with your existing supplier.  The worst thing is to do nothing.   Ready to switch? Then contact me about what is right for you.

What is right for you?   Do you spend a lot  of time at home or do you travel to work?  Have you got a family that means the washing machine is on a lot or are you living on your own?   Do you want to support companies that offer green and renewable energy?  Do you need a paper bill?  Are  you paying by direct debit or do you have a prepayment meter?

The comparison sites on line are paid a commission for  their recommendations.  They are a place to start, but not  all companies use the sites and you might prefer to talk to someone.   That is what we are here for – personal service.

How does your smart meter work?

You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing  things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.      Please click here

For your free offer of our guide:-  Ten Tips to Save on Energy Bills     please email:-  support@shrinkourbills.co.uk