SHRINK OUR BILLS (Business and Domestic Customers)

What exactly is happening to energy bills in October?

The Energy regulator is imposing a cap on standard tariffs. So for people who have not switched, they may well see prices coming down for gas and electricity.
However, be warned, the Big Six are making offers between now and the cap to encourage people to take a fixed price contract that may be higher than the new prices in October.

You may know what you pay each month, but do you know what you use? If the two are not in line, you may be owed money or you may have fallen short and not have enough in reserve to see you through the winter. What should you do? Firstly, put in a meter reading on Saturday, the end of the month, and get an accurate bill. Then find out if you are in credit, or debit. If you still owe money, one month away from central heating being turned on again, then you are not paying enough and will have to catch up.

Pay by budget plan?  That is the same amount each month?

      You should be in £ credit by the end of August

So you have enough to get through the winter.

If your bills for the whole year are more than £1000, it is worth having a free review. I visit in a thirty mile radius, I talk on the telephone, I email and I post letters to people after asking a few questions to help me identify what you should be paying.

Merchant Card Supplies:-  If you order new rolls from the company that provide your machine, you might not be getting the best deal. Can I recommend for your supplies. Just call 0845 561 0144. Whilst we are talking about credit card payments – are you being charged twice? There are monthly fees, transaction fees, percentage fees and it is easy not to spot something that is duplicated. If you want a review, or if you are contemplating starting taking credit card payments, please talk FIRST to Lorna Foulser on 07719 957 085 and get the right package for your business.

If you are self employed, working from home, or an employee who has not seen a good payrise for a while, then you too should be talking to us.

It’s up to you.  You control your bills.  Want to know more?   Talk to us.



You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing   things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.