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SHRINK OUR BILLS (Business and Domestic Customers)


Full Power Utilities are a UK based broker with a lot of experience.  They state:-

We have been providing energy procurement and consultancy services to property management companies for many years. We service large multi-tenanted industrial units, office complexes and shopping centres for our property management clients, as well as assisting the managing agents with their residential blocks. Full Power are the formal partner of ARMA, the Association for Residential Managing Agents. Their members have exclusive use of our services along with collective buying, facilitated by members ‘pooling’ their usage volumes. 

Are you a large consumer who has the added burden of complying with Government legislation and also reporting to shareholders in your accounts?  The information needed for these reports is complex, especially when it covers several sites.   What methodology have you adopted?

What if you have several business outlets of a similar size and suddenly there is a spike from one causing higher utility bills?  What can you do to investigate?

What if your direct debit to your utility company suddenly shows a huge payment taken out that is totally exceptional – could you have prevented this?

What if your water supplier thinks it’s your fault there has been a leak and you disagree?

The above three scenarios are real and are indeed preventable with a good utility management tool.  Set up as a bespoke item for your business, you can quickly see the performance at all your sites.  You can report from various angles and manage your costs.   The spike might require some local training for your staff if it was caused by, say, fridge doors not being closed at all times.  The direct debit payment due could have been spotted earlier and sorted as a billing error and the water loss could have been investigated before your company was held responsible.

Is your business big enough to take on this Utility Management Tool?  Call today, or email, to find out more.


Your business may be closed, or working with fewer staff, or doing less (or more) than usual in terms of production.

You may now be gearing up to allow staff to return, albeit with reduced hours. Or in the retail sector, getting ready for customers to visit your premises.    You may be recruiting more people due to changes in how you work and doing your best to work at full capacity.

Your usual bills will have changed, so if you want to talk to a consultant who offers a free service to see what the next few weeks are going to do for your business and its overheads, please complete the contact form to give us permission to talk to the right person in your company – whether they are working from home or in the business premises.

Domestic Customers

Can you get Virgin broadband in your area?  If not, then the fixed line offer is from Open Reach, still part of BT network.   They allow other providers some space at the exchange to add their software and complete the billing to their customers, but the line,  the internet is the same and depends more upon where you are in relation to the exchange, the quality of the lines and your own home environment as to whether your broadband is good or poor.

There are a lot of sites that encourage you to switch your energy provider and to do it yourself.  Comparison sites do not show all companies.  Some are paid for their recommendations.  Are you really getting the full picture?

Energy price caps limit how much suppliers can charge domestic customers per unit of gas or electricity. They are based on how much it really costs, on average, to get energy to your home. They will ensure you pay a fairer price for your energy and are protected from being overcharged by energy suppliers.   Take a look at for more information.    There is a useful link if you do not know who your supplier is for both electricity and gas.   From 1 April 2020, the level of the cap fell to £1,162 for a dual fuel single rate customer paying by direct debit.

You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing  things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.

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