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SHRINK OUR BILLS – Give Up the Gas!

We know we have to do it before too long, so while bills are going to be high in the months ahead with little chance of them coming down for a year or more, now is the time to find out about grants to improve on the insulation and running costs of energy in our homes.

Businesses have an extra incentive to start their plan for going to Net Zero as they need to publish what they are doing and get accreditation in order to continue in business with their present suppliers.  The clock is ticking and the plan needs to be underway now in order to meet all the targets.

Whilst the website gov.uk contains helpful advice on the present situation for Energy at home and at work, a new website has been made available for domestic customers:-

Take a look at Each Home Counts which is a Beta site.  You will be asked a few questions about your home and then you will be guided to what you can do to bring down your bills by various things such as:-

fix a boiler/ new front doors/ improve double glazing/ cavity wall insulation/ loft insulation/ LED lighting/ solar panels/ alternative heating

Not everyone is protected by the Government Cap on the general domestic tariff. If you are in shared accommodation, or community housing schemes, you may well be paying more.   So what can you do?   Free advice is available from

Support@shrinkourbills.co.uk – helping you shrink your bills at home or at work


It’s not what you pay each month on a budget plan, but what you use that matters.  Are you in credit or debit right now?  If your budget plan is not sufficient for what you use, then you will slip behind and find it difficult to catch up and  face a price increase.  If you owe money from the winter heating usage, then you will find it harder to switch to a different company if that is what you want to do.

We are here to help businesses too – just contact  support@shrinkourbills.co.uk at least six months before your contract is due to end.

bills to pay


What is right for you?   Do you spend a lot  of time at home or do you travel to work?  Have you got a family that means the washing machine is on a lot or are you living on your own?   Do you want to support companies that offer green and renewable energy?  Do you need a paper bill?  Are  you paying by direct debit or do you have a prepayment meter?

The comparison sites on line are paid a commission for  their recommendations.  They are a place to start, but not  all companies use the sites and you might prefer to talk to someone.   That is what we are here for – personal service.

How does your smart meter work?

I have been talking on BBC radio about surge pricing, and that from May Ofgem has given permission to energy providers to offer variable price tariffs to people who have smart meters. The subject can go both ways for customers. Being able to put on the washing machine when demand on the Grid is less and get cheaper bills is one thing, but the down side is that during the early evening bills could be more expensive as the demand is greater across the Grid.
Those businesses with holiday rental accommodation need to be thinking about how to charge for electricity used during a holiday let – especially if they also offer hot tubs and patio heaters and other “luxury items”. It also means our holidays will cost a bit more in our every day spending.
Smart meters can give half hourly readings (as business meters currently do) and this information enables energy companies to judge your personal usage at different times of day. At the moment the suggestion is only a daily meter read.
So start talking to your current supplier to see if they are going to offer a tariff that gives you a benefit if you change the time of day when you use energy and then take a look at your appliances – do they have delayed start programmes?


You may find all this boring, confusing,  and you would much rather spend your time doing  things you enjoy, so why not let  someone take the hassle away – that’s us of course.      Please click here

For your free offer of our guide:-  Ten Tips to Save on Energy Bills     please email:-  support@shrinkourbills.co.uk