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Are you in a quandary about Smart Meters?  Who benefits?

Of course business users with 00 meter profiles are already providing companies with their meter reads every half hour, so there is no need for a “smart meter” and hopefully this information will do away with a lot of nuisance calls.

The domestic customer only benefits from awareness of their usage and its cost.  The little gadget you are supplied with shows you what you are using and how much is being spent.   The company collects meter reads at least once a month and so your bill should also be more accurate.

Most people pay by budget plan, which means the same amount each month.  BUT they will use a different amount each month for their energy.  So when it is summer the central heating is turned off, but your monthly bills are building up a contribution towards the winter heating.  When it is winter, the costs are carried forward from the end of February for the next few months while you gradually turn down the radiators.

At the moment a lot of people who have both gas and electricity find that their electricity costs MORE.  That is because the gadgets are used all year round – TV, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, electric shower, lights and cooking and so on.

The companies that have installed smart meters benefit from knowing about your usage.  There is a mixed reaction to this information – will companies take advantage of the information?   There are clearly benefits for the Grid in that if usage is regularly down between daytime periods when people are at work, they can rely on wind farms and ease back on coal fired power stations.   But if the energy companies decide to vary what they charge you for your energy you might find yourself trapped with higher costs when you use the most.

Not all smart meters are trouble free.  If you think your bills are jumping up since the smart meter, then do query your bill and keep a note of what you have been using over a 3 day period.  What was on?  Did you use the washing machine?  Go back to your company with your query.  I do hope you are with a company that you can get in touch with easily and if you find the customer service is not very good, then contact us – we know the best companies for service, price and reliability.