It has been recently revealed that telecom regulator Ofcom, is planning to cap the price of 118 directory enquiry calls at £3.10 for a 90 second call. With this in mind, do you know the charges for other companies within the industry?

According to Ofcom, providers have been increased and in recent years, charges are exceeding customer’s original expectations. The market leader 118 118 currently charges £11.23 for a 90 second call to its service.  Looks like its customers are paying for all those adverts on Freeview TV!    Even so, the 118 service has proved popular with homeowners/business owners as 2% of adults across the UK are using their system, which is set to increase by 4% for customers aged over 65. Subsequently, Ofcom enquired into the high cost of 118 calls this time last year.

With 118 making significant changes, let’s take a look at how their prices vary within the telecom industry:

Telecom2 –           £19.98
Hello Maureen –  £11.23
118118 (TNUK) –   £11.23
118500 (BT) –         £3.10
Yell –                      £6.88
118180 (Virgin) –   £2.25
118402 (O2) –        £1.88
Post Office –         £1.00

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