As we approach the summer months, an important reminder that while utilities may have the energy, consumers have the power!

The 90’s number one smash hit, “The Power” by German band “Snap”, is incredibly apt in relation to the warm months ahead and what might happen to your household appliances such as your Boiler – you have the power to take action!

Many of us are guilty of turning off the heating and forgetting all about our boiler when the British summer months arrive. Our best winter friend, the boiler, is then needed again, when Jack Frost returns with a sharp chill in the air.

However, it’s important to keep your boiler serviced and well maintained ready for the switch-on before the weather turns. In addition, it might even highlight the need for a replacement boiler fitted. Nonetheless, the cost of installing a new boiler can in some cases be offset by things such as offers and grants.

During the summer months service providers are less in demand, so arranging to get an old boiler replaced or repaired is a lot less stressful than in the winter. The autumn and winter suddenly has a lot of homeowners discovering that their systems require urgent attention – something that could have been avoided and acted upon earlier – why delay? Get your boiler checked today!

Whether you’re planning on a replacement or holding out with your current system, simple tasks such as adjusting heat settings will put less strain on the boiler and doing so every year as the weather warms up will reduce the impact on the system. This can add years on your boiler’s lifetime – saving you money in the long run. Taking a cooler shower will save wear and tear on the boiler and why turn the cold water up when you can turn the hot water down?

The next step is how to programme the house to run efficiently through the summer months.

Combi boilers have a summer setting where there central heating is turning off completely, and hot water is provided on demand.

These boilers will also have a temperature setting, and it will use less energy to adjust the setting to create a better blend of hot and cold water. While you don’t need heating during the summer, occasionally turning the heating on and checking the pressure gauge will ensure that there are no nasty surprises when the cold sets in and you really need the heat.

The next step is with heating and water. This is where your radiators come into play. While your radiators are not actually part of your boiler, they are in fact part of the system that places a strain on your boiler. Properly maintained radiators can save you a lot of money in the long run. The summer is an ideal time to replace old radiators and to fit insulated reflective panel boards behind your radiators. These make a substantial difference when heating a room up both in keeping the room warm and in getting it warm quicker once the heating has been turned on. Your radiator should also have individual thermostats to make sure that they operate at the right temperature for each room. Turning down radiators throughout the house in rooms that are less used, ensures the heat is kept where it is needed, thus saving energy in the process.

Whether you see it is an old wives tale or complete gospel, one suggestion to improve energy efficiency is to close doors within your home that are not used. But can you really save energy by closing doors?

The idea behind shutting doors upstairs or in your bedrooms, is that it limits the amount of air movement required, as well as the space that needs to be heated or cooled. In turn, this should lower costs and save money on utility bills.

However, when interior doors are closed, the room is placed under pressure because airflow is now blocked. Air trapped in the pressurised bedroom, however, doesn’t stay contained. It will find ways to escape. Any air lost is replaced in an equal amount, which can increase the amount of air being drawn from 300 percent to 900 percent, significantly increasing bill costs.

Overall power demand is now much lower following the recent warm weather, making it easier for gas, renewables and nuclear to cover much of the UK’s needs. Thus, it was revealed in the news last month that Britain had been powered without coal for three days in a row, setting a new record and underlining the polluting fuel’s rapid decline.

The cheaper price of gas and the rise of renewables have all hit coal operators. The government has set a deadline of October 2025 for phasing out coal entirely.

With these recent results in the bag, are we finally facing up to the challenge of global warming and embracing a better future for our planet and all those living on it?

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