In the media recently, there has been a lot of talk surrounding everyone’s favourite topic of conversation; Brexit. In addition to the roaming charges set to make a return once again for many travelling Brits across Europe.

While most of us could enjoy a getaway and not worry about a costly phonebill of data usage upon return to the UK – thanks to last year’s axe of the international data laws within the EU. However, they are now set to be brought back after Prime Minister, Theresa May, revealed we would no longer be a part of the digital single market.

In addition, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced last month that roaming charges outside the EU would be subject to VAT, a 20 percent tax paid by the consumer. As a result, mobile phone roaming bills will rise by 20 per cent.

The impending return of roaming charges after Brexit could cost business professionals or holiday makers visiting the EU a considerable amount of money on their phone bill. Ms May will aim to strike a wide-ranging free trade agreement with the EU after Brexit – but no such agreement to date, has incorporated rules on roaming charges.

It is unclear whether fees will return as early as Brexit looms next March, or at the end of the planned 21-month transition period – given the UK will effectively remain within the single market in the meantime.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should wait around to be stung by the data roaming issue. There are alternatives currently on the market and many more may come along, nearer the time Brexit finally descends.

While standard advice has always been to avoid using your mobile while you are on holiday, many of us rely heavily on our mobiles – especially if you’re lucky enough to travel for work. With this in mind, if you’re heading abroad on a business trip, one alternative idea to the predicament is to to take a dual SIM phone to reduce your monthly bill. So If you find yourself travelling overseas frequently, these can be very helpful.

Using a device with two SIM cards allows you to remain connected to two mobile networks at once and receive calls on both numbers, or maintain service if you move from one coverage zone to another. For that reason, dual-SIM capabilities are a selling point in mainland Europe.

The only stumbling block comes with the fact they are not so easy to find in the UK, but these alternatives are available online. These can be somewhat unsuitable if you own an iPhone, as the slot that takes the SIM is just too tight to fit within the device.

Another idea is to have a European SIM card with all the roaming benefits for data use, either in a dual phone, as previously mentioned, or take a spare handset for your business trip purpose.

What’s more, many providers such as O2, have already announced free roaming in advance of the rules coming into effect. However, there are still some loopholes, particularly if you use a very large amount of data in the UK, as the free roaming comes with a ‘fair usage’ policy.

It’s worth checking the policy with your mobile provider before you travel. If you use a great deal of data in the UK, you may find that the amount you can use abroad is capped and you are charged for any extra.

If you are travelling to Europe this summer for business or pleasure, you should be able to use your phone as normal without fear, provided that you go before June 15th, when the new rules come in. But as we all know, time creeps up on us all too quickly, it’s worth finding an prepared alternative if you have a trip planned.

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