With many of us suffering from the recent cold snap of snow and freezing temperatures, E.ON have given us a shock by announcing that millions of households face higher bills for gas and electricity after the big-six power firm sneakily raised their prices.

E.ON’s standard variable tariff will see their energy bills rise by an average of £22/year after the big six firm announced a series of changes to the way it charges customers. In addition, from the 19th of April, existing customers on the firm’s standard variable tariff will no longer be able to benefit from dual fuel and paperless discounts. There will also be an increase in the standing charges for certain types of payments. E.ON have blamed the situation on changes to rising costs within the industry along with other factors in the market.

This announcement came just days after new legislation was brought before Parliament to cap energy prices, which could see us all collectively save £1.4bn a year.

So after this bombshell, where do you stand as a customer?

There is little justification for removing discounts and certainly not in the name of making billing easier to understand, as was the idea behind the unpopular decision.

The exact price changes will depend on what region you reside in, but dual-fuel customers on the SVT who pay by cheque and cash will more than likely be hit hardest. Customers will face a £20 increase in their standing charge, as well as a further £20 increase because the dual-fuel discount is being removed and as the icing on the very distasteful cake, a £10 increase with the removal of the paperless discount.

With this in mind, many are now considering switching suppliers. However, what with the icy conditions of late, bills have been already been high as we use our energy even more. Meaning the overall price rises are doubly bad news for the millions of E.ON customers – are you one of them?

Can YOU Switch?

If you do indeed decide to switch suppliers, some new companies may in fact take over the outstanding amount and make a smooth transition into a new monthly direct debit. But you have to ask for this as it is not automatic.

Any customers on E.on’s standard tariff are able to leave penalty-free with no exit fees to pay within one month of any price hikes. While the changes apply from 19th April, if you’re on E.on’s standard tariff you’re likely already overpaying, so check NOW if you can save.

So what do you need to do?

It’s not what you pay, it’s what you use that matters in terms of your energy.

Every month it’s worth checking your meter reading, to see if there is a lot of ‘drift away’ from what you have paid and what you owe – this way you do not need to have a smart meter installed as there are good reasons why these are not secure, not only is it unhealthy but it gives the energy company the ability to restrict your power in times of shortages.

Nevertheless, some people may not even see a bill, which can be detrimental if you don’t fully understand what you’re paying to your energy supplier.

They should have an online account and be able to access a recent bill from there. If not, you need to contact your energy company and ask for that all important up to date statement telling you when a direct debit will leave your account.

So you are thinking about switching providers, but not sure how to proceed? You might have had a bad experience before and do not want the hassle – but what if you have someone alongside making it simple while you go through the switching process?

What is the difference between the Big Six Energy suppliers? Is it service, price, contracts or billing? Do you know that the smaller companies are exempt from paying all the charges that the Government set? What will happen when they grow big enough to have to contribute the same as the Big Six? Will they survive and will they put their prices up?

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